INJEJE yabeNGUNI Council is deeply saddened by the untimely passing of internationally renowned Zulu Regiment Commander iNduna Mgiliji Nhleko. His passing evokes great sadness and indeed anger amongst many as we feel robbed of a proud glistening nguni gem whose sparkle remains unsurpassed amongst his peers.

A sizeable number of the Nguni youth have been inspired by the Commander ever since the late Majesty King Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu appointed him Commander of the Zulu regiments. Whilst there has been unsavory sinister attempts by some to tarnish his image in the public domain however these feeble attempts failed as he remains the mostly highly respected Zulu Regiment Commander of this generation world over.

While he may physically no longer be among us, his spirit shall live on in us for all eternity. We shall remain resolute to his uncompromising principles on self-knowledge and community consciousness. We shall remain steadfast in the truth which he lived for and ultimately gave up his spirit for. His vision for the people of which he served shall become a reality in our lifetime, irrespective of what his evil detractors might next conjure, we shall reciprocate to commensurate without hesitancy, and we shall not withhold.

We thank the Nhleko family for offering their beloved son to be a servant of his people till his last breath, we thank them for being the support system he needed in many difficult times, we thank iNduna for mentoring thousands selflessly without once earning a cent till his last breath.

Siyathokoza Zihogo zelanga, unogwaja pheshe bawujikijele bonke bewusola ukona, UZagiga Zagiga ngiyeke lokhu kufa akufikanga nami kwafika namakoloni!!!

Phumula ngokuthula Mdidiyeli, ungakhathazeki Nduna, asekhona amadelamzimba!

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