Amidst the civil unrest in some parts of South Africa, Gauten and KwaZulu Natal, Mamelodi in the city of Tshwane also known as Pretoria experienced the unrest with Mamelodi being the heart of Tshwane looting spree. Mamelodi has three malls/shopping centres namely Denlyn Shopping Centre/ Mall, Mams Mall and the newly built Tshwane Regional Mall. Out off all these, Mams Mall is one that experienced greater damage with a number of shops looted, including OK Furniture that is alleged to be looted and burnt with unconfirmed reports that a dead body was found in the shop.

We have seen the looting taking place for the past two days in the Mamelodi area that includes the oldest, Denlyn Mall with few shops broken into and looted. In this mall we have seen a battle between looters, security personnel including the centre management team fighting to save what they call their own and the source of employment for the community in the shopping centre. Most of the centre was saved and we are currently seeing community structures including police safe guarding the centre in a solidarity manner that, the mall can’t be destroyed on their watch.

Denlyn Mall came up with an initiative that confronts hooliganism and assures the South African peace loving communities that, these looting is not a South African DNA in the democratic era. Most of these participants started cleaning the mess caused with renovations to property. The mall operated on Wednesday between 09:00 and 16:00 with management reminding shoppers and tenants to remember covid 19 safety precautions to be adhered to even in this difficult time in the country.

Pictures by: Oratilwe Mashigo

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