Various parts of the City of Tshwane are experiencing above average rainfall which result in increased water levels in rivers and dams, low water bridges and drainage systems in formal and informal settlements.   The City of Tshwane Emergency Services Department (ESD) issued an alert to residents on Sunday 24 January 2021 in anticipation of the disruptive rain following the observation of the destruction caused by the Tropical Cyclone Eloise in other provinces and weather updates as provided by the South African Weather Service (SAWS).
It has been raining in parts of the City since the beginning of the week without many incidents reported to the ESD Emergency Communication Centre (ECC). Some of the incidents reported include two vehicles that got trapped due to high water levels in Vom Hagen Street, Pretoria West ESD assisted in activating recovery services.  Fortunately, no njuries were experienced.     Another incident that ESD responded to, was a house in Ramotse, Hamanskraal that reported flooding.  ESD assisted to drain the water from the house with portable pumps. A roof at Masakhane Clinic collapsed and the relevant utility services department has been activated for attention. Disaster Risk Management is currently conducting damage assessments in Zithobeni Extension 8 after various houses that are built in the wetland have been flooded. 
Various streets in the City have been identified as high risk areas and the road users are remided to drive with care.  The following streets are considered high risk: Paul Kruger Street near the Wonderboom Pass; Vom Hagen Street; Centurion area (Rabie and End Street, Irene Bridge, Lenchen Road, West and Hall and the Centurion Lake) are.
Some of the roads and bridges have been closed and we urge motorist to us alternative routes and residents on areas in proximity to these areas not to hesitate to move to safety as emergency services and other stakeholders continue to monitor the area. Keep safe following distances and drive at significantly reduced speed during rain and wet road surfaces, find an alternative route and do not attempt to cross flooded bridges and streams. Channel water away from houses by digging furrows, making openings on the wall and placing sandbags to prevent water from coming into the house/yard. Cover valuables like furniture and move them to higher ground if possible. Switch off electrical appliances if the house get flooded
We call upon residents to be vigilant and alert as the rain persistent showers are anticipated in the coming weekend which may result in further to flooding of low-lying areas, breaching earth dam walls, general disruption to traffic and basic services, flooding of roads and settlements and danger to life particularly from fast-flowing rivers and streams.
The Emergency Services Department, together with other City departments have activated and are implementing the regional flood incident management plans.
Residents are reminded to report any fire or life-threatening emergency to the Emergency Services at 107 or alternatively call 012 358 6300/6400.

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