Stats SA release first Quarter Labour Force Survey

National Government

Statistics South Africa’s General, Risenga Maleluke delivered the Statistics Results for the Quarterly Labour Force Survey on Tuesday morning, in Hatfield, Pretoria.

The results cover different sectors including Employment , Educational Training, Labour Markets, and the much anticipated Unemployment & Non-econmically active statistics.

The country’s stubborn economical growth has affected investments, with lack of participation in the markets due to the expansion of the unemployment figures, mostly affecting the youth between 15-34.

The figures painted out an Unemployment Rate which increased by 0,5% point to 27,6%. Job losses were recorded at 142 000 in construction and 94 000 in the finance department and just 50 000 in community and social services all contributing to the net loss of 237 000 in number of people in employment.

Maluleke pointed out the core cause of a huge unemployment figure to be down to the youth’s lack of participation in Education & Training.

A decline in employment was observed in all sectors in the First quarter of 2019 compared to the fourth quarter of 2018.
Employment gains were recorded in Transport sector at 59 000 new jobs. Trade also did well at 25 000 new jobs, with Utilities producing just 16 000 new jobs and Manufacturing at 14 000 new jobs respectively.

In Provinces, Eastern Cape was recorded the highest worst rate at 47,1% of youth people between Aged 15-24 years who are not employed or in education. North West recorded the second highest rate at 40,3% of young people between 15-34 years not in employment and education.

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