SONA 2019: More Jobs To Be Created

National Government

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa delivered the 25th annual State Of the Nation Address (SONA) on Thursday evening at the Western Cape parliament.

With the country’s youth unemployment rate sitting above 50%, it was anticipated to see if the President would give solid plans of action that would restore the hopes of young job seekers in the country.

With more focus said to be shifted on reigning growth and creating jobs, The President said that they have worked together as the government labour, business, civil society and communities to remove the constraints on inclusive growth and to pursue for greater levels of investment.

A successful presidential jobs summit has been held with reached agreement on measures that when fully implemented, will nearly double the number of jobs being created in the economy every year. Last year the economy was confronted by the reality of a technical recession therefore the government responded with an economic stimulus and recovery plan that re-directed public funding to areas with greater potential for growth and job creation.

“The level of growth that we need to make significant gains in job creations will not be possible without massive new investment,” said Ramaphosa, emphasising that the main aim is to create 275 000 additional direct jobs every year.

The youth employment service which is giving unemployed youth paid internships in companies across the economy has been launched. Moreover as government they have decided that the requirement for work experience at an entry level in state institutions will be done away with as young people need to be given a real head start in the world of work“.

Whilst opposition party members believe that the President made empty promises in parts of his speech, the Democratic Alliance (DA) leader, Mmusi Maimane said that it was a state of no action and what became more clear is that there were more promises, summit and no immediate action and the fact that the President is limited by the corrupt members in his party and will eventually run out of money.

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