Seven bust for cable theft


City Power Security officers have arrested 7 suspects early this morning in Johannesburg inner city for theft of City Power infrastructure including cables.
The security officers are part of the teams deployed to protect the critical underground tunnels in the CBD that house valuable equipment including cables that ensure the City has power all the time.
City Power security spotted a suspicious Hyndai truck near Helen Joseph street and attempted to stop it. The truck driver did not stop but speed off. The officers gave chase and the vehicle finally stopped around Braamfontein.
Seven suspects were arrested in possession of 48 meters of 120×4 core copper cable, 2x TV flat screen and 136 circuit breakers.
The suspects stated that they stole the items at the Bank of Lisbon, the building that burnt in Johannesburg two months ago. One of the suspects is a security guard from Mjayeli security services who was deployed at the same building. Police were called and the suspects were taken to Hillbrow police station. “Our inner-city underground tunnels are constantly targeted by criminal elements and we have adapted our security strategy accordingly,” said City Power CEO Lerato Setshedi. “This arrest prove that our electricity copper cable and other components are constantly a target of such criminals. However given our improved efforts to safeguard our tunnels, the crime is now deflected to softer targets. The bravery of our security officers should be commended and working together with Law Enforcement through the Non Ferrous Metals Crime Combating Forum and other structures, we shall have these crimes stamped out,” he added.
A case of posession of suspected stolen property/ alternatively theft has been opened.

City Power urges members of the community to help us defeat cable theft and theft of any infrustructure that disturbs the supply of essential service to the residents of the City.

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