SAPS use their 67 minutes to give back to the community

Rietgat South African Police Service (SAPS) spent their 67minutes building a shack for Mrs Juliet Phiri, 42, whose shack burnt on 16 June 2017. Captain Stephen Maluleka said that Rietgat police heard about the fire through word of mouth and as they saw it fit that they should visit Mrs Phiri in order to check if they will find an arson element.

The Phiri family said that the fire might have been caused by a primer-stove, gas-stove or a candle as they use them regularly.
Maluleka said that they did not do a formal investigation, as the Phiri family did not open a case of arson; he said he believes that if they suspected any foul play and opened a case, they would have got to the bottom of this matter.

Mrs Phiri said she was not at home when her home burned down; she was working a night shift. She said luckily she left her children at her brother’s place, as she was working at night, so none of them got burned. Mrs Phiri, said she believes that the fire might have been caused by the primer-stove or a gas-stove that her children might have forgotten to switch off. She said that she has lost everything through that fire.

“I have lost everything, but through God’s mercy my neighbours built me a one roomed shack, the City of Tshwane workers brought us food, Rietgat SAPS brought us clothes and blankets, my neighbours gave me pots and other cutleries”, said Phiri.
She said that, she is very grateful of what her neighbours, the SAPS and the City of Tshwane has done for her, for if they did not intervene to the unpleasant situation she found herself in, she does not know what would have happened.

“We have brought the Phiri family more clothes, shoes, blankets, cookery, cutlery, a bed, a cupboard and a primer-stove. We believe that they will come in handy and it is the least we can do for them and for the Mandela spirit”, said Maluleka.

By Moshasho Seanego