SANDF to work tirelessly this festive season

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The South African National Defense Force (SANDF) hosted media personnels to give them exposure to the internal deployment areas on the Mpumalanga border line.

The excursion took place from 13-16 November and showcased the struggles that the South African soldiers encounter on a daily having to maximize their efforts with just minimal resources.

The challenges range from curbing animal poaching within the Kruger National Park, illegal smuggling of drugs, contraband goods and the persistent number of Undocumented Persons that cross the border from Mozambique to South Africa unlawfully.

A total of 344 rhino carcasses are said to have been discovered in the park since the starting of the year, with just 65 elephants killed within the same period of time. At least 400 people linked to the poachings have been arrested, with only 156 weapons recovered from these perpetrators.

With the high rise of the hijacking of vehicles in South Africa, the military was also able to recover 17 and 2 more uncirculated cars since the start of October. The Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger were the most targetted models of cars within that number,Cape Town, Johannesburg and Nelspruit are the hotspots of hijackings in South Africa.

The cars are then taken to Mozambique via villages like, Steenbok, Dludluma and and Kamaqhekeza close to the borderline, to the mountains then cross the country.
Photo by Asèrié Ndlovu/TC

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