Protests at the National Results Operating Centre


Fifteen of the smaller political parties were not happy with the voting irregularities that took place in some of the voting stations on Election Day and took it to protest at the National Results Operation Centre on Thursday evening.

The parties raised concerns that the International Electoral Commission (IEC) was not doing its job to full capacity as there had been problematic scandals in some of the voting stations on Election Day.

It’s alleged that some voters were given extra ballot papers to cast multiple votes instead of just two, whilst others were only given just one as opposed to receiving two – one for Provincial government and the other for National government.

There was also incidents where ballot boxes were found on the side of the road , but the electoral commission still continues to count votes. The fifteen protesting parties said they would be continuing with the protest until the IEC agrees to resolve the matter by restarting the voters elections.

“We are not happy about the elections because they were not free and fair “ said
African Content Movement’s (ACM) Secretary General, Ramuanda Romeo. The Electoral Commission have not yet responded to the protesting parties but the count for votes are still ongoing.

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