Operation fiela continues to enforce law in Tshwane


On Friday, 18 January 2019 at approximately 8:30, Tshwane West Law enforcement agencies embarked on Operation Fiela.  The Operation was undertaken in partnership with our external multi stakeholders in the security cluster. 

Stakeholders such as Tshwane West Police Department,  ICASA, Telkom,  Gauteng Traffic Police to mention a few, were in full force in ensuring that Tshwane West Cluster is safer for all those who live in it. 

The purpose of the operation was to enforce the Rule of Law as guided by the Police Act as well as the Constitution,  which is the Supreme Law of this country.  Most importantly, it was to ensure public order,  and to ensure safety to all inhabitants of our policing princict. 
A total of twenty taxis were impounded for various non compliance offences.  Fines issues to release them are over R50 000. Saps’ Second hand goods officials issued eight fines to the value of R8 000. ICASA confiscated non compliance goods to the value of R50 000. Thirteen people were detained in relation to different drug related offences.  Two liquor traders were closed and fines issued were a total of R2500.  Road blocks were were held and fines issued were a total of R19 500. A total of six hundred and twenty eight people were searched to ensure none of them were carrying dangerous and unlawful weapons and to ensure none were carrying and using unlawful illicit drugs

Tshwane West police and it’s multi sectoral stakeholders will continue to ensure police visibility in their cluster.  Together they will ensure public order and ensure that all inhabitants of Tshwane West cluster and their properties are safe.
Anyone who may be aware of any criminal activities taking place is urged to contact their nearest police station or call 08600 10111.


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