Jacob Zuma Snubbed from Presidential Inauguration

National Government, SADC

Former South African President Jacob Zuma was left out of his successors Inauguration ceremony on Saturday morning at Loftus stadium.

It was the 6th Inauguration Ceremony since the advent of democracy featuring Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa as the President-elect.

Zuma, who spent most of his week in the Pietermaritzburg court fighting his corruption trial, was snubbed from the event as all former democratic serving Presidents were invited. The incident did not go unnoticed at the stadium with the crowd chanting “Asphelelanga” to hint that there was one short.

Zuma could appear again at the Durban High Court on Friday to face more than a dozens of corruption charges ranging but not limited to fraud, racketeering and bribe. He maintains that his charges are politically motivated.


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